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The following poems and verses were written by friends, friends of friends, anonymous authors and others whom I have never met; yet, the sentiment is the same. There is a camaraderie amongst soldiers that is found nowhere else, an understanding that leaps beyond words, but goes to the very soul of men. Indescribable, undeniable, inevitable; both profound and absurd, yet reaching the very heart and soul of what it means to be a man, a soldier and a patriot. For those who have never served owe the soldier everything that is life and freedom and a debt that can never be paid; a debt that no soldier would ask you to pay; but we can remember; we can honor; we can be thankful. What little we can do, we can do on Veteran's Day and Memorial Day. We can, in some small way repay, this debt.
Next Veteran's or Memorial Day... Find a soldier, shake his hand... and thank him... that's all he asks...

Gary Conway

A Soldier's Christmas     - Lance Corporal James M. Schmidt
It Is The Soldier    - Father Denis Edward O'Brien, USMC
What Have I Done    - Gary Conway
What is a Veteran    - Anonymous Author
Sons and Daughters    - Capt. James A. Mayfield
A Raven's Lament    - Art Cornelius
And I Served With Pride    - George H. Meyers
A Visitor From the Past    - Thelen Paulk
A Simple Soldier    - Author Unknown

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This site is dedicated to the memory of my friend Craig Morrison, Raven 49/20 1969-1970


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